Commercial property appraisal reports

  • Thermal Bath at Lipót, Lot size: 107.577 m 2, superstructures: 3.143 m2, 6 pools – client: Lipóti Termálfürdő Üzemeltető és Szolgáltató Kft.
  • Anna Grand Hotel at Balatonfüred – Clients: Anna Grand Hotel Ltd. and CIB Bank Zrt.
  • Former Plus (currently Spar) chain stores in north-western Hungary -  CIB Bank Zrt. and V&V Langer Ltd.
  • A 75 flat condominium with deep-level-garage and street front shops in the 5th District of Budapest – client: Imola Ltd
  • S.P.A. Rubin Wellness Hotel Sopron – client: CIB Bank Zrt.
  • Szigetmonostor,  Hotel Rosinante– Clients: Hotel Rosinante Kft. and CIB Bank Zrt.
  • Winery and champagne factory located in Tata – Clients: M & P Ltd. and Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
  • Five petrol stations in north-western Hungary – client: CIB Bank Ltd.
  • Development area of a commercial zone in Esztergom (Current Park Center) Client: Almási Szitanyomó Kft.
  • OTP-Bank office building in Dorog - Clients: Dor-Ing 2008. Ingatlanforgalmazó Kft. and CIB Bank Zrt.
  • Downtown office building in Veszprém (lot: 1.711 m 2 Building: 3.347 m2) - CIB Bank Ltd.
  • Car Dealerships in Budapest and north-west Hungary – client: CIB Bank Zrt.
  • Vivamus Wine House, Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine Region – Clients: Vivamus Borház and CIB Bank Zrt.
  • Darshan shopping center in Budapest – Clients: Darshan Kft. and CIB Bank Zrt.
  • „Izland” Equestrian Center and Hotel in Tata-Agostyán – clients: Izlandi Lovas Kávéfutár Kft. és a Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
  • Equestrian center located in northern Tata - client: CIB Bank Zrt.
  • Equestrian center located in Esztergom-Sátorkőpuszta - client: Volksbank Zrt.
  • Shops and office buildings around the country - Clients include Raiffeisen Bank Zrt., CIB Bank Zrt. and Volksbank Zrt.
  • Determining state of readiness and valuation of a condominium in Csorna – clients: Villconet Kft. and Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
1/21/13 10:00 AM

When the property market struggles, the marketing spin has a tendency to rise exponentially.

9/15/12 10:00 AM

The hotel market in Hungary has remained comparatively stable despite the economic and financial challenges the country is currently facing according to Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels latest Hungarian Hotel Intelligence report. 

3/29/12 10:00 AM

Based on the latest investment market report of Colliers International Hungary, the total investment transaction volume in Hungary in 2011 was €650 million, in comparison to 2010 when the value of investment transactions was less than €200 million.

3/25/12 10:00 AM

Hungary’s residential real-estate industry ground to a halt after foreign-currency mortgages, which fueled a boom before they were banned in 2010, saddled homeowners with ballooning repayments when the forint sank to a record and prompted buyers to flee the market.