BL Invest Ltd. is a leading expert company that provides advice on investments, and its various aspects of needs and and its related opportunities. Our values include analytical clarity for assessing the current situation, a strategic approach to drawing up a possible and a desirable state. We will help you to quickly and precisely solve your difficulties.

Our company plays a role in supporting private, municipal and corporate real estate businesses. Our colleagues possess the relevant knowledge and experience of the real estate market and of the business world, ensuring the quality of our services to our customers and guarantee a long-term cooperation.

Since 2006 our company has been preparing real estate market analyses for multinational companies, state and local government companies. In addition, we provide advice to companies, local governments and private individuals active in different market segments about effective financial management and investment in regards to their real estate assets.

Our company's view significantly differs from the investment standards of the previous decades. The technological progress is so fast that companies worldwide are forced to adapt faster, so the business environment of real estate investments is also constantly changing. This technological and digital transformation practically affects all sectors of the economy and real estate.

In order to make the right decisions, parties involved in any form of real estate management need information about market and financial economic opportunities. This information can be obtained and evaluated through market research.

Market research is none other than the mapping and analysis of processes in the economy through the use of indicators, in order to base decisions about the development and investment of a particular real estate or property group.

The risk of real estate investments is financial stability, predictability of expenses, long-term positioning of the property and the expected cost of necessary investments. Another component of the risk is the general economic environment and the constant change of the real estate market. From the point of view of investments and developments, we also consider these elements.

Summarized, our company helps real estate investors to explore the opportunities and risks of a given project.


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