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Who should contact us?
Investors who aren't located in Hungary or foreigners who do not know their way through the maze of Hungarian bureaucracy and have little time to research it. For investors who do not speak Hungarian, we provide our real estate finder service in two languages, Mandarin and English.


Investment Advice

BL Invest Ltd. is a leading expert company that provides advice on investments, and its various aspects of needs and and its related opportunities. Our values include analytical clarity for assessing the current situation, a strategic approach to drawing up a possible and a desirable state. We will help you to quickly and precisely solve your difficulties.


Real estate

BL Invest Ltd. is a universal company serving both private and corporate customers, helping strategic planning and realization of real estate investments. We know one of the most important expectations of real estate investors so that capital invested can grow and generate returns or at least maintain its value. On commission We will help you find a real estate that suits your needs.


Project investments

Economic life at home and abroad often makes investors take quick decisions. To make the best decision, you need expertise, but you also need intuition and risk-taking skills. Much of these factors are not quantifiable and are often subjective. However, in order to strengthen affirmation, assurance and decision-making, it's necessary to collect and process the available information, in which our company can assist investors.



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